Saturday, March 10, 2012

Knicks need a Phil-In: Carmelo Anthony ill fit in D’Antoni’s system


Poor Carmelo Anthony. Anthony hasn’t looked comfortable in Coach Mike D’Antoni's offense since coming to the New York Knicks via trade last year.

Sure he has gotten his points on occasion but usually at the cost of disrupting the team’s offensive rhythm. And with Jeremy Lin's emergence as a third option behind both Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire, the Knicks were expected to become one of the league’s most potent offenses and threaten the powers that be in the Eastern Conference.

Especially now that they have a full roster. The New York Knicks have been seemingly missing parts all season. So what do they do now that they are finally at full staff? They lose games.

The Knicks have gone 3-7 in the past ten games and are currently on a four-game losing streak as they prepare to face the Philadelphia 76ers on Sunday.

So why has Anthony failed to mesh in D’Antoni’s system? Many think that it’s because Anthony’s game is tailor made for a half-court offense while D’Antoni likes to run a wide open offense that pushes the ball and runs a lot of pick-and-rolls.

Those aren’t two of Anthony’s strong points but D’Antoni has failed to get Anthony comfortable playing his style. He has also failed to adjust his offense to adapt to Anthony’s strengths.

With all of the talent that the Knicks possess there is no reason they shouldn’t be playing better but there could be a savior on the horizon.

Enter Phil Jackson. Phil is an ex-Knick who was with the team during both of its championship years. He has had a lot of success winning 11 championships as a coach for both Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers and could be intrigued by the challenge of bringing another championship to New York.

The talent is there and Jackson is one of the all-time best coaches at getting talent and personalities to mesh. He could provide the perfect remedy to the Knicks’ losing woes.

It may interest Jackson to one-up Pat Riley. Riley lead the Lakers to four championships years before Jackson came in and won his five. Riley was unsuccessful bringing a championship to New York during his time there though.

Jackson and his Bulls were a major reason for that, thwarting the Knicks at every turn. Still the opportunity to accomplish something no other Knicks' coach has accomplished in nearly 40 years could light Jackson’s competitive fire.

Especially when you consider Jackson’s unceremonious exit from Los Angeles. Jackson was forced to take a pay cut by his former boss and his team played some of its worst ball during the playoffs last year sending Jackson off in a less than stellar fashion.

So hopefully the Knicks management will make a strong push for Jackson’s services. This city is long overdue for a championship basketball team and besides that, it would be a shame to waste all of that talent they have amassed.  

Do you think the Knicks should make a coaching change and if so who do you think would be a good fit? Please comment and let us know what you think.

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