Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stardom comes at a price for Bulls' Derrick Rose

Chicago Bulls’ star point guard Derrick Rose recently admitted in a GQ Magazine article that he is uncomfortable with his celebrity status. As Rose has risen to fame playing in the city where he was born and raised, his heightened visibility has made it nearly impossible for him to go anywhere in public without drawing attention.

Rose stated that having celebrity status doesn’t fit his personality. He has a soft-spoken, low-key type of personality and loves his privacy. He also loves being able to move about in obscurity but being a Chicago native and fan favorite he is not afforded that luxury.

And the better he has been, the more his celebrity has risen. Not only is he a two time state champion at the high school level; he has also played in a national title game as a star for the University of Memphis, he’s a three-time All-Star and he’s the youngest ever to win the NBA’s MVP award.

Even more impressive is how well the Bulls have played with Rose leading them. Last season they had the league’s best record and it looks like they will repeat that feat this year. The Bulls have been a championship contender the past couple of seasons and a lot of the credit goes to Rose.

He is unselfish and hard working. Although he’s not the most out-spoken leader, he leads by example with his work ethic and when your best player is your hardest worker it sets the tone for the rest of the team.

So why wouldn’t this city be excited about having a player like Rose leading their team? If he continues to grow the way he has then he will most likely bring another championship to Chicago before he retires from the game.

And for a fan base that was spoiled with six titles during the Michael Jordan era, having Rose add to that total would make him a God in the city he has called home for most of his life. Of course that would also cause his celebrity status to grow which sadly for Rose, won’t make living in Chicago any easier.
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